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YouTube.Com is one site that has an extensive collection of videos and documentries. Previously they used to offer downloads of the album, but after the popularity soared high, that facility was stopped. In countries like UAE, US and others, it is fine to see videos online through broadband connection, but right now in India there is a slab for bandwidth transfer. Eg. In home user plan that costs Rs. 500/- per month, the maximum volume permitted is 1 GB / month, which means after 1 GB for every 1 MB, you have to pay Rs. 1.20/-. If your monthly transfer is 1.25 GB, you have to shell out extra money for that 250 MB which is Rs. 300/-. Coming back to video issue, seeing a video once will you cost 9 - 12 MB. If you see the same video again and again, just multiply that by no. of times you see. If download is possible, you transfer to your HDD once and can see 'n' number of times without worrying about online costs. This is a small tutorial on how to download videos from not only YouTube, but also from other video sites like Google, iFilm, PutFile etc..

{mosimage}These are the terms that every net savvy person is familiar with and this small tutorial is for those who are unaware of these facilities. Every time you want to send some important documents like resume or attachments that are in demand like video clippings, you have this problem of uploading it every time. In case in you're out of town when somebody calls and asks for those important files urgently, you'll need them to be in secondary storage like floppy or CD at that moment, involving additional problem of carrying them always. I don't rely on CD or floppy as they can let you down anytime.

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