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I love reading the chat transcripts of some of my close friends, reliving the sweet moments again. However when I opt for the voice chat, there is no 'record' or facility to relive those moments. When I googled for that I stumbled upon this piece of software with crack. We can 'record' the gtalk voice chats using the vEmotion. The trial version of this vEmotion limits the recording to 3 minutes only. So I searched the net for alternate options and there are many but all were costing above $30. The intense search for an alternate freeware or a crack resulted in downloading the full version of vEmotion along with the crack itself.... Voila!!! I can now record the sweet conversations of gtalk and preserve them... You also can do the same by following this tutorial.

{mosimage}For those who had used E-Kalappai and Professional version of 'Azhagi', this tutorial will offer nothing new. But for those who love to write in Tamil on the net, chat applications and even in MS Office applications like MS Word, PowerPoint etc.. etc.. whatevere application that can take up texts, this tutorial will be very useful. Infact one such instance, when I discovered 'Azhagi', change my course in blogging. I started writing a lot in Tamil, which happens to be my mother tongue, favourite language and above all my best medium of expression. I am a small town brought up for whom English is just another language, not something I breath, dream and talk in. So whenever I translated my thoughts in English whatever I felt, I always found that something is missing. Thats why 'Azhagi' means a lot to me. With this NHM, my horizons on internet just expands to chat applications and other message boards. If I forget English in an year, that won't be a surprise for me.

Thanks to my website filter in our office, my blog site got blocked. In a way it is good because I am bit obsessed with it but the sad part is that I couldn't update when ever I want to. Normally I write blogs in the nights at home and post it from the office. Now I couldn't post whenever I write something new. I have made a point that I MUST NOT take an internet connection at home because I might end up being wired always and miss reading / writing. Fortunately my CMS system, Joomla has this option of publishing the blogs at a later date. Which means I HAVE TO 'dump' all the blogs in the weekend at some Internet Kiosk setting up different publishing dates.

{mosimage}I was a strong believer of Internet explorer and so much fascinated while upgrading it from v5.0 to v5.5 and to v6.0. Even though I was aware of Netscape, Opera, Safari and other browsers, nothing excited me like MSIE. It was in Abu Dhabi and thanks to failure of opening the Yahoo! mail I got in touch with Firefox Mozilla. For 2-3 days, whenever I tried to access my Yahoo! Mail in MSIE, I was getting this error "999 Error. Please try after sometime". On a casual visit to Vicky's worktable, I found him accessing Yahoo! Mail. He said try with Mozilla Firefox and the moment I did it, I was hooked to Mozilla Firefox. Initially I found its "Plain Jane" appearance lacking glamour, but I fall for its speed and multitabbed browsing.

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