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{mosimage}A news that disturbed me a lot was the rape of a spastic 21 yr old girl, who is also deaf & dumb, in Tutucorin. She was dwelling on the road side and feeding on the alms from the devotees. She had been raped and is pregnant but the irony is that she is not in a position to realise what had happened to her. Someone had filed a case in court for her abortion. The court had approved it and asked to put her in a orphanage. I lost 3-4 days sleep over this matter. I asked my mother whether we can adopt that girl. My mother said that she is not ready because of the legal complications involved and told me to take it easy because she had seen many such cases earlier. What kind of people we are? Why we turned so brutal that we are indifferent towards the injustice of underpriviliged? Will we react the same way if it happens to our family member?

If somebody had put her in orphanage by the time she turned "big", this could have been averted. There are some homes for these underpriviliged women to avoid their sexual exploitation. "Banyan" in Chennai, started by two young girls Vandhana & Vaishnavi, 8 years ago, is one of the famous such homes. If you find any such girls in your area please put them in such homes before something happens. Even small children are subject to rapes in many cases. So let us make sure that there is no such kids left insecure in the platforms. Atleast they will get a decent & secure brought up with a basic education, that might make a difference.

Infact this rape incident had put the existence of God in big question mark. I doubt whether really God exist? Whatever the reasons like "Purva janma karma" etc.. religious people may say, a spastic girl getting raped as consequence etc., is something I can't accept.

Just putting them in orphanages alone won't solve the purpose. Most of us are ready to put any amount of money in the temple "Hundi", but when it comes to parting with orphanages or rehabilation homes in the form of donation, their strings are tight. Let us donate some of those money to them on our family occassions like B'Days, anniversaries etc.. that we share our happiness with them. Rather than trading the old clothes for vessels, donate to them, atleast let them wear something good. After all we should feel the responsibility to take care of the underpriviliged and save them from any form of exploitation.

Some address are:-

1. The Banyan
6th Main Road
Mogapair ERI Scheme
Mogapair West
Chennai - 600 037
Tamil Nadu

Phone No: 0091- 44 - 26530504 / 26531049 / 26531987
Telefax : 0091-44 - 26530105
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Kakkum Karangal - A home for the mentally challenged.
Address :
Siva Sakthi Kaakkum Karangal
No 3, Ponniamman Kovil Street,
Alapakkam, Chennai - 608 801
Telefax : 0091-44-4769848
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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