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Many times we end up copying or bringing the same file under same name at various periods. Worse is that we don't even remember that both the files are identical in the content but with the  different file name. It is a cumbersome task of identifying them and removing them manually. Our PCs can identify same name only, not the identical content. Once in such an instance, I stumbled upon a wonderful piece of software called 'Duplicate File Remover'. This software is powerful enough to identify the 'duplicate or triplicate' files in not only Documents but Pictures, music, video and other formats also in contents other than names. Let me guide through a small example with picture files.


When I mass downloaded the photos from a webpage, the downloader automatically renamed the file to avoid overwriting. Since the process was interrupted twice, I ended up making a triplicate copy of it. While noticing through thumbnails, I was unsure whether the files are with thumbnails and original sizes. It was a quite a big collection of 140+ (multiplied by 3) Original travelogue photographs, which I didn't want to take risk by deleting files arbitraily. That was the first time I took the help of this Duplicate File Remover.

Download: Click here to get the software with key Generator.

1. Launch the application
2. We have identical photographs saved under different names (A0000000.jpg & B0000000.jpg) for this demo.3. Choose the kind of Search mode (Documents / Pictures / Music / Video / Other ormats)
4. Select the folder or even the whole computer for locating duplicate files.
5. If you check 'Identical names', the software will look for similiar names only, whereas 'Identical Contents' search will get you all duplicates under whatever file name. Now I have checked 'Identical Names' search.
6. The Duplicate File Remover will list the identical files. Here you can check the 'copies' and decide what you want to do with them (Eg. Delete them or Copy / Move to some other drives / folders or Create Hardlinks).
Voila!, all the duplicate files have been found and removed thus helping in more space and performance. Even if the names were different, copies of identical contents were identified and deleted safely.

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